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Title: Help?

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    Default Help?

    Not really sure if this is a CP but, I was wondering what would be a fair trade for sunrise/sc orange hightops,
    either how much you could buy them for or what other good items you could offer for them?
    Thank you!

    I also need a CP on these items.

    Rolled Sleeve Hoodie- Honeydew
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    Default Re: Help?


    Sunrise Hightops 35-45K
    Honeydew Rolled Sleeve Hoodie 25-35K
    Cream? (Sandrift?) Hightops 20-25K

    I would say these are common ranges for these items, but value is always relative.

    Hope this helps :]

    *pío pío* O,,O

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    Default Re: Help?

    I have the cream high tops and I would say 35-50k (:

    True story!

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