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    Default ~ Closed ~ Thank you!

    Thank you for your replies!

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    Default Re: Price check please

    I've heard Shuffle Sho.oters go for 500k. If your selling it, I'll buy it and I dont mind trading first.

    Ign: James Royallance

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    Default Re: Price check please

    Yellow Beret (If its Turbo it goes for 500-600k?) If its honeydew then 200-400k
    Sunrise Felt Beret 450-550k
    Toasty Felt Beret 100-200k
    Mantis Pet Trainer Cap 80-120k
    Allspice? Straw Hat 15-50k?
    Allspice? Vest Blouse 20-45k
    Reds Cloak Ill say 100-250k
    Thunderbird Kerchief Midriff 150-350k
    Cloverleaf Kerchief Midriff 350-500k
    Blizzard Kerchief Midriff 150-350k
    Toasty Kerchief Midriff 100-250k
    Sandrift Kerchief Midriff 100-300k?
    Rubyburst Kung Fu Shirt 20-40k
    Stonesurf Kung Fu Shirt 30-60k
    Bubblegum Kung Fu Shirt 20-40k
    Grey Kung Fu Shirt 10-30k
    Sunrise Kung Fu Shirt 20-40k
    Ocean Kung Fu Shirt 20-40k
    Aqua Boy Hoodie (Not an expert on boy clothes) Ill say 10-40k??
    Fan Faire Shirt 25-100k???
    Alienware Shirt 100-350k?
    Amethyst Friendless Shirt 10-30k
    Aqua Sweater Blouse 20-50k
    Rubyburst Pink Small Sweater Blouse 10-40k
    Ocean Loose Skinny Jeans 10-30k
    Blossom Flared Capris 5-10k
    Stormcloud Layered Skirt 5-10k
    Thunderbird Layered Skirt (If from coin shop 270k?) If Vault Berry 1-2k?
    White Loose Skinny Jeans 40-80k?
    Sunrise Loose Skinny Jeans 10-30k
    Rubyburst Loose Skinny Jeans 10-30k
    CloverLeaf Loose Skinny Jeans 10-30k
    Aqua Alien Pants 20-40k?
    Twilight Layered Pants 10-20k?
    Midnight Layered Skirt (If Cs 270c If Vault Berry 1-2k?
    Bubblegum Loose Skinny Jeans 10-30k
    Twilight Loose SKinny jeans 10-30k
    Aqua Loose Skinny jeans 10-30k
    Turbo Loose Skinny Jeans 10-30k
    Aqua Alien Gloves 10-30k?
    Complete female pirate outfit from the pirate ship game (Hat, Corset, Pegleg Pants, Hook) 50k?
    Level 20 Fully Loded Miner set (Helmet, Chest, Leggings, Gloves, no boots though) in Turbo with Blizzard 70-100k?
    Balloon Saw (Midnight) (20-30k?) and Balloon Wand (Toasty?) (10-30k?) that can be used in freestyle as well as with the job they are associated with.
    Mother's Day Bouquet (all colors) Each One can be 50-125k
    Mother's Day Sunflower (yellow only) 100-200k
    Heart Mom T-shirt (all colors) each one can be 50-125k
    Silver Sparkler (tradeable) 20-50k
    Birthday Candle (yellow tradeable) I had the same question about this lol Maybe 70-150k?
    Sea Shell Necklace (minty green color) 10-50k??
    Original Mystery Chest 5-20k?
    Sword of Omens 100-200k?
    Duelist Machine Shirt 50-100k?
    Bruce Offstage Pass 50-75k?

    Ceremonial Jeweled Axe 200-300k?
    Skater Beanie 200-350k?
    Skater Shirt 150-200k
    Skater Shorts 150-300k?
    Doberman Whistle 50-100k
    Duelist Utility Belt 250-350k???
    Goth Coat 200-300k
    Goth Goggles 250-350k
    Hip Hop Boombox 50-100k
    Shuffle S****** 400-550k
    Boat Shoes (red) 10-30k
    Card Shark Trilby 200-350k
    If you open a shop may you advance me by a few days or hours? Thanks


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    Default Re: Price check please

    Nm, don't need the PC anymore. Thanks again, you two!
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