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Title: Postman Guide: Tip, tricks & questline.

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    Default Postman Guide: Tip, tricks & questline.

    Tips & Tricks

    (One of many mailboxes you will encounter)

    The postman job is a race against time. You must know the route you are working (so don't be surprised if it takes one or two tries to get familiar with it!) and be able to make quick choices on how to deliver quickly.

    First of all - You will want to turn off click to move.
    This really can hurt the progress of the deliver as you need to click the mail boxes & one mis-click can really slow down your progress (and its timed)!

    To do this, click the cog up above your mini map (in the right hand corner) and press "Game Options" then press "Game Play" and press "Click to move" - make sure that the button is not highlighted and press the "X" to exit the menu.

    Secondly - you may want to turn off your green quest path.

    Often you need to make a quick judgment of which way would be faster to complete. If I have two boxes on the left and four on the right - I'm going to head towards the left first and finish on the right. This way I do not have to double back. - The quest path can lead you in a slower direction!

    Third - you will want to zoom out with your camera. To do this simply use the scroll wheel on any mouse and scroll towards you. This allows you to spot the mailbox and any dogs coming your way quickly.

    The Quest line:

    (Felipe the Postman Trainer)

    Can you Deliver? from Felipe - Felipe is looking for new postman recruits!
    Try the trial run in sanctuary to earn the postman job.

    Mail Marksman from Felipe - Felipe wants you to test out your new skills.
    Complete the mail marksman mini game!

    Beware of Ankle Biters from Felipe - "They say Dogs are man's best friend.
    But not when you are a postman!" throw a bone to the dogs on your route to distract them. After you complete your route you are asked to visit the head of the post deliver system - Flitter at the post office.

    It's a Postal Disater! From Flitter - Things are hectic then ever before!
    Help Flitter sort out all the mail by completing the scattered mail mini game.
    Tip: You have to return the Flitter within the time provided.

    Sort of a Mess from Flitter - Help flitter sort through the now found mail.
    Tip: This game is like the harvest mini game for the chef job.

    Running the Route From Flitter - Filtter found some mail that should have been delivered days ago! Run it back to Felipe and make sure it gets delivered. Complete the Running Route mini game by delivering the mail. If you are lucky you will get a speed increase for fast deliveries.

    Special Delivery from Felipe - As a Junior postman you are asked to deliver a special dancing telegram to a few costumers to increase happiness. Complete the minigame to complete the quest.

    Achieve Level 5 From Felipe
    - "While I'd like to show you more advanced mail
    deliver techniques, you're not quite ready yet." Felipe wants you to come back when you are level 5.

    Bixie Buds from Felipe - Felipe has asked you to meet with Honey in Queensfield - south of sanctuary. Honey needs your help collecting the flowers around the fields, complete the Bixie bud blitz mini game.

    Beautiful Bouquet from Honey - Honey asked you to deliver a Bouquet of flowers to her friend Rosalie in Merry vale. When you arrive Rosalie informs you that all post must go through Vixie.

    Missing Mail from Vixie
    - Vixie has sure made extra troubles for herself! There is mail missing in Merry Vale and she's asked you to help sort it out. Complete the package pickup mini game.

    Mail Mix-up from Vixie - Now that you have found the packages you find out some of the mail has been delivered to the wrong people! Finish the merry vale deliver route mini game.

    And the winner is... From Vixie - Every week Merry Vale holds a special contest to give away fun prizes. Vixie has asked you to sort through the mail to find and pick a winner. Complete the Mail Sorting mini game and deliver the prize to the winner. Unfortunately her prize is broken and after visiting the vendor in Seaside village you find she will not refund it.

    It's a Breeze! From Enaine - Although she will not refund the prize, Enaine suggests you speak with the postman at seaside village. Apparently it is not the first time this has happened. After visiting the Postman he tells you that the invitations for a party have all blown away and you offer your help. Complete the Invitation Investigation minigame.

    Achieve level 10 from Enve LaStamp - "The life of a mailman is not easy for sure. You need a bit more experience before I can send you on more advance deliveries" - achieve level ten and return to Enve LaStamp in seaside village.

    Invitation only from Enve LaStamp - now that you are more experienced, Enve has asked you to deliver the invitations you found earlier to seaside residents.

    Where's the Sasparilla? From Enve LaStamp - With the back log of mail all cleared up, Enve has asked that you head over to Wugachug to see where Mr. Dozen's order of Sasparilla is.

    Jug clean up: from Postchug Runnalug - Runnalug wants you to collect enough sasparilla for the party. Watch out for the dogs, however. Complete the Sasparilla Sprint mini game.

    Sorting it out: from Postchug Runnalug: Runnalug will have a postchug deliver the sasparilla as long as you help out with the other duties. Help the postchugs out by sorting out the mail.

    Achieve level 15 from Postchug Runnalug. - complete mini games to achieve level 15.

    Fair warning: - From Postchug Runnalug. Runnalug believes the PCA is set to strike the post office in Snowhill first, he's asked you to go warn Loryn.

    What a Mess!: From Loryn
    - The Penguins have made a huge mess of the mail. Loryn has asked you to pick up the scattered mail.

    A Plea for Help: From Loryn
    - Snowhill is still a mess, if you have an extra minute maybe you could help get the mail sorted out? Complete the mail sorting mini game.

    Biting Back: From Loryn
    - The Snowhill route is pretty dangerous with the PCA around. Loryn has asked you to chase them way with your new form. Complete the Biting back mini game!

    Summit in Shrouded Glade: from Loryn - something needs to be done about the PCA tricksters. Loryn has asked you to attend a secret meeting in the shrouded glade to discuss the posibilities. When you arrive you will find Brin Galeglow, who is in charge of mail duties as postmaster Lane rushed off to the meeting.

    Beware of Dogs: From Brin Galeglow
    - The Mail in the Shrouded Glade is quite backed up and Brin was wondering if you would help out. The druids of the glade let all animals to roam free and warns you to beware of dogs.

    Mile High Mail: From Brin Galeglow - The mail is piling high in Shrouded glade. Finish the mail sorting game.

    Always on Time: From Brin Galeglow - Deliver the packages to the people of Shrouded Glade by completing the deliver minigame.

    Trail of Mail: From Postmaster Lane
    - Postmaster Lane has just received word that Wugachug has been hit by the PCA again. Go visit Postchug Runalug to find out what happened. When you arrive you find the PCA has disappeared but left a trail of mail.
    Follow it (don't forget to pick up the mail!) to find where they went to!

    Outpost Ordeal: From PCA member Emanl
    - You hav found the "Postal Chaos Alliance" camp. But they are not interested in negotiation. Complete the "PCA Take down" mini game. Once you defeat the PCA return to Loryn in snowhill.

    The postmasters are forever in your debt.
    When the time comes to expand your name will be suggested for a street.
    Congrats ~ you've completed the Postman quest line!
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    Default Re: Postman Guide: Tip, tricks & questline.

    How do you become one?

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    Default Re: Postman Guide: Tip, tricks & questline.

    Great guide!

    @Nadia, check out the second picture. he is located in Sanctuary

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    Default Re: Postman Guide: Tip, tricks & questline.

    Awesome guide!! great help
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    Default Re: Postman Guide: Tip, tricks & questline.

    This helped me a lot!!! Great guide!!!
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    Default Re: Postman Guide: Tip, tricks & questline.

    its still the worst job to me lol

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    Default Re: Postman Guide: Tip, tricks & questline.

    It's really just a quick, easy 20 to me. Although, the collection reward is something I am looking forward to!
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    Default Re: Postman Guide: Tip, tricks & questline.

    Great guide, I just am not so great at timed quests!

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    Default Re: Postman Guide: Tip, tricks & questline.

    Great guide this should really help

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    Default Re: Postman Guide: Tip, tricks & questline.

    grinding to level to 10 is a bit of a pain, any recommendations to make it go faster?

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