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Title: what happend

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    Default what happend

    what ever happend to pet trainer that was always my fave thing to play :*(

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    Default Re: what happend

    Well Im not sure why they deleted that job. But wait! I heard ranching might be released soon ; ranching means to raise little baby animals to adult size(Im not sure if adult size is supposed to be as big as a ride)
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    Default Re: what happend

    Well I think they deleted it because:

    A. It was too hard.
    B. You can already teach your pets tricks without the need for the job.
    C. Ranching

    To add on to what Mike said about ranching, yes, it will be coming soon. Here is all the information I know about ranching:

    1. It is coming soon.

    2. You will start out with pets.

    3. When you raise your pets, they become rides.

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    Default Re: what happend

    They deleted it because it had a lot of bugs I believe.
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