As of December 2009 - new characters are unable to earn and train in the Pet Trainer job. Free Realms made the decision to retire the job based on comments from players who found interacting and teaching their pets too complicated.

In the future--the Pet Trainer job will be released in a series of Pet Trainer Trophies. The Final pet trainer trophy will have an exclusive version of one of the new pet types. Due to complications with the Trophy system there is no scheduled time line of when these changes will be put in place.

Those who have progressed through the Pet Trainer Job will remain at level 20 and automatically earn the rewards of the trophy system when it is put in place.

For now--the Pet Trainer Job remains retired and unknown of it will return, as the trophy system remains unavailable to all players. For more information please click HERE (Free Realms preview -- Housing, Pet changes, Job changes and More!).