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Title: Pet Trainer...

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    Default Pet Trainer...

    I Miss Pet Training In 2009 Who's With Me?
    Prince Chaos
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    Default Re: Pet Trainer...

    i am, i want it back, although i got finished with it all teh way to 20 it was insane fun

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    Default Re: Pet Trainer...

    I never ever was around back then, so idk what its like :/
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    Default Re: Pet Trainer...

    I'm stuck on level 2, since they took it away right after I got my first pet. Whoop dee doo!

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    Celestina Corinne

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    Default Re: Pet Trainer...

    I managed to play Pet Trainer a little on my first character, it was amazingly fun! I miss it

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    Default Re: Pet Trainer...

    Back on my first ever character i made i had it on their Callie Azurestone was her name but sadly i lost her, although i LOVED pet trainer, but then i came back after a little while and it was gone :/
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    Default Re: Pet Trainer...

    I only managed to reach lvl 13..It was fun unlocking new tricks back then.

    Amber Legend
    I have not been online in like 50 years LOL

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    Default Re: Pet Trainer...

    I really forgot how to even use pet trainer, since I took a long long break. But don't have the job on Shane because its where I made so many characters and such
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    Default Re: Pet Trainer...

    I played Pet Trainer a little on my old character before I quit for a while, came back forgot my account info so I started a new account (The one I have now) and when I played again it was gone. I was really sad about it. Pet Trainer was one of my favorite jobs! So fun <3. I wish they'd bring it back...
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    Default Re: Pet Trainer...

    Unfortunately I only have pet trainer unlocked on one of my accounts, the one that I don't play much. I have all my good stuff on a different account. If I had only known I would have at least played as a trainer for a little bit so it would be unlocked later on.

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