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Title: welfare

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    Default welfare

    even when i was a kid i was pathetic... i was 10 pounds of life. nothing much right? WATCH OUT!! i had emrs trying to figure out what was wrong with me. i was diognosed with adhd and limedisease, which is deadly at the infant stage. but for some reason, i kept fighting for the same thing... dont worry buddy its going to be ok, keep fighting it... i survived. barely. i was an outcast. i had to fight 5 year olds as a kid. got kicked out of school like 5 times. but then i met scotty... he was different.. their surrounding us!! he seemed to get me out of fights i cant finish. he had a rashinal thinking i rubbed off on. he taught me that the there is no meaning of life. the only thing to strife for in life is peace and the welfare of others. where is that airstrike cardinal!! " its coming the air space is full!!" he told me about his life before he sacrificed himself for... that monster! i will not cease until i destroy him! Wake up! he and his accomplishes Wake up! WILL PAY! WAKE UP!.....
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    "Sadness And Pain Are The Beggining Of Fear . . . . And Fear Hurts Us All"

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