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Title: ~Story: Meeting Gloamorth

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    Default ~Story: Meeting Gloamorth

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    ...For clicking this thread,this is a story about how I met a mysterious guy called Sun Gloamorth.This story is the afterwards of Zippy's 4th Journal.But unlike that,this story is REALLY random,and it kind of doesn't make any sense.To check out the journals click here: Zippy Journals

    Hope you enjoy this,feel free to post anything.

    I originally posted this on the official forums,but I'm going to post it here too,because I worked kind of hard on this.I'm not sure if you will understand the story,but I hope you do.

    So I was just minding my ''own'' business pointing at this couple and yelling: ''PROPOSE HER'' to the guy...

    ...but then I turned around and there was this guy:

    First of all,why are his eyes completely black,second,why is it so obvious that he is wearing makeup???

    Oh well I just ignored him for a while,so I was still annoying the couple.Sadly they went home,so I decided to visit seaside to say hi to my fav. chef Diggy.
    But nope.Here's this guy again.
    At least he removed the makeup...
    Now I know who this is.I heard about him,his name is Sun Gloamorth...

    Sun Gloamorth was created by some kind of a Gloam general back in the Wugachug Gloam Invasion ,and ever since then he's been stalking me.Not everyday,but often.
    I mean,look at him,trying to look all emo and sad...

    I'm sure he doesn't actually know who I am,so I just ignored him and went to seaside,as I was going he made this weird face:


    This is not even the scary part.
    So I went to Blackspore to say hi to my favorite chef Sal Monella,who taught me how to make food for people who don't like cats,and look bold at the same time.And then,


    Creepy eyeliner look-a-like crazy fan-ish person called Sun Gloamorth.

    So I came to him and said:

    Omorth: HeloOOoOo

    Hello,dear friend
    Omorth: Erm...How do you know me?

    Well..I'm going to tell you a story.
    >You see,ever since the gloam leader called General Buzzt created me I was questioning my existence bleblebleblebleblebelbleblebeleblelbel

    He was speaking in one tone.I could not take it anymore.

    Ned wasn't really interested too...

    After half an hour of an outstanding nap,he started laughing all of the sudden...and it was a really weird and creepy laugh...

    So that woke me up.Nothing more creepy than a weird laughter waking you up,trust me.So I was kind of scared and bored at the same time and I was ready to leave.

    But then he did something really weird.He stopped laughing and he started to approach me.I was frozen.Ned was still being fascinated by the fact that he has nails.Gloamorth put his head on my shoulder and whispered:


    Then he vanished...out of nowhere.

    I was starting to feel dizzy.My stomach turned upside down.
    Somehow I got away and Ned gave me a bottle of water that I have no idea where he got.I don't even know if it was water,I don't care.It tasted kind of good tho...

    Moving on.I didn't know there was a person who lieks italic letters.I thought those kind of people are extinct.That means he dislikes BOLD.And that is bad.I just found myself an enemy.
    Later on I saw him walking at the graveyard.I have no idea what was he doing.
    But it was really late...And he was laughing really loudly...

    *No offense to people who liek italic.This is only a story
    ...but bold is so much better.

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    Default Re: ~Story: Meeting Gloamorth

    Thanks for the story, awesome!
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    Default Re: ~Story: Meeting Gloamorth

    I have nails? Hehe.


    I liked your story! x]
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    My adventure ends here.

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