The Sernias Story

When Angel turns thirteen and is rewarded her necklace that holds extreme powers, her life takes a turn. Her dad goes missing, frantic to find him she goes out looking with her friend Mangolia. Leaving the Sernia City behind, leaving everything and everyone they knew. Off on a new adventure, and to rescue her father. Will everyone be alright, safe, and a happy family again? That is for me to know and you to find out!

{This story is based off of The Above World by Jenn Reese, i reccomend this book to everyone! I love it!!!}


Her name was Angel, short for Angelica Romeos. She wasn't a typical girl like humans are; she had powers-which came from her necklace. Her family came from a new type of species, called Sernias. When Sernias became thirteen they earn their necklace. Of course this wasn't your ordinary human necklace; this necklace held unbelievable power and energy, depending on the personality that is.

Angel hated all thegatherings her Sernias family and friends had everytime someone turned thirteen, but those were the rules. But now, it was her time.

"Where is that girl?" Her father, Cesar asked impaitently.

"How should i know?" Snorted Angel's best friend, Mangolia
"Well i wish she would hurry up, she's always so late! Even when its her own coronation!"
Angel rushed torwards the big shiny building that was hidden in the forest; humans did not know about the building or their kind. She knew she was late, she stumbled on her dress as she ran. As she rushed she acidentally ran into her father.

"Whoa there!"He said in an suprised but irritated voice, "Hurry up Angelica your already late, dont make me even more mad with you."

"Im sorry im sorry!" Angel shouted as she ran into the building.
"Sorry doesn't change anything." he whispered to himself.
Angel stopped as she entered the first set of doors. She stood with a couple other Sernias that had just turned thirteen.

"Alright! Everyone has finally arrived," the instructor glared at Angel. but she kept quiet as he spoke, "Remember to stand up tall as you walk in and bow to each of your mentors, Good luck to all."

The next set of doors opened, Angel scanned the room of Sernias for her friends, once she saw Mangolia and the rest of her family her face lit up with excitment. Although she hated her dress, she could stand it, besides she would finally get her necklace. Her and the group walked forward til they had reached the front of the building where the mentors stood. Angel's heart felt like it would explode, she had a knot in her stomach because of her nervousness and pressure. But she swallowed and waited for the mentors to do their speech, and present them with their necklaces.
"We are gathered here today to honor these brave, young Sernias..." His voice trailed off
Just give me the necklace so i can go get out of this irritating dress! she thought to herself.
Finally one of the mentors opened a shiny golden box, there was a red velvet pillow inside. With four necklaces-one for each of us, the mentor picked the first one up carefully.

Chapter 2
It was beautiful, the rock was a shiny jade color wrapped with a type of metal that appeared almost flawless, attached to a golden chain. The rock started to glow brighter and brighter as a mentor mumbled some words to it. The next two were blue and green, each matching their personalities. After the other three Sernias got their necklace, it was Angels turn.

Her stomach turned even more, feeling like she was about to throw up over excitement and fearfulness. She knew that the rocks started to burn while their glow lasted. Once you put the rock on powers start developing as soon as days. The reason they had to be hot was that it burned into your skin, so that the necklace would never fall off. She heard the others whimper in pain quietly, one had tears streaming down her cheek.
As the metor approached her, she lowered her head and bowed.

"Angelica Romeos," Said the mentor with a sigh, "do you promise to take care of the necklace and the power it holds forever?"
"Yes," Angel said strongly, "with all my heart."

He took the necklace from the other mentor, it was a deep red color, looked as if it was already burning with the glow-but it wasn't even glowing yet. The metal wrapped around looked like flames, she thought hers looked the best of all.

The main mentor tied the necklace permanently around Angels neck. He mumbled some words to the necklace again the knot, he had made started to glow. The necklace was now permanent and could never been removed, at least thats what she heard. Once the rock touched her neck, it felt warm and comforting. After a while it started to burn she wanted to rip it off her neck right then and there, but she knew she couldn't. Instead she tried to ignore the pain and focused on the mentors boring speech.

She started crying silently she really wanted to pry the necklace off. A tear strolled down her neck and down to her neck, approaching her necklace. Once it had reached her necklace it created a loud sizzle and she fell to the floor.