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    Default Rebellion in Free Realms (RIFR)™ Movie Help Needed!

    Rebellion In Free Realms (RIFR) has something large coming soon! A......


    Rebellion In Free Realms (RIFR) Part 1 Movie Trailor.jpg

    Title- Rebellion In Free Realms, Rated "R" For Rebellion
    Plot- The plot of this movie is basically going through the first five chapters of the book so if you haven't read it, I don't want to spoil it so read up to there! You may notice I have at least one chapter missing. I will do the script(s) for that(those) chapter(s) and get them up soon!

    What I will need for behind the scenes, By the way there can be more then two people per job!

    Director- Tommy0327 (Me) Only one for this job

    Co-director- (has to have read the WHOLE story so far even past the part we are filming)-

    Camera People-

    Photographer/Photo Editor- Tommy0327 (Me for small edits and taking photos) Conscience8807 (This position is full!)

    Costume Design (Will loan clothes for a person for shooting the film, also helps with showing people the costumes)- Tommy0327 (Me)

    Donates (people other then the director who donate money, will be guaranteed as an extra if they wish so, they can be other jobs as well)-

    Video Editors (also puts in music that me and music choosers pick) -

    Set Creator/Finder- Tommy0327 (Me) (Full)

    Music Chooser- Tommy0327 (Me) EpicJewelspotter (Full)

    Spreaders (spread the word of jobs that are needed of course with permission)- Tommy0327 (Me), Jal12, EpicJewelspotter, Conscience8807


    Script Writers- Tommy0327 (Full)

    Script Editors, Edits script spelling, and grammar- EpicJewelspotter (Full)

    I'll need two people per person in case a person can't make it on. So here are the

    Sebastian Amberknight-

    Tommy Wackywings- Tommy0327 (Full)

    Amit Amberknight-

    Samantha Ghostwings-

    Daniella Sillyfeathers- EpicJewelspotter (Full)

    Mill (no spaces in the name) ford (Eggert the Mad's student)- Tommy0327 (Me)

    Eggert the Mad-


    Tommy Wackyword- Tommy0327 (Full)


    1.FRI Name:

    FR Name:

    2.Position your asking for:

    3.Why should I choose you for this job?

    4.Have you had any other jobs like the one you want? List them if on FRI or FR let me know!

    5.Who's your favorite character?

    6.What's your favorite part of Rebellion In Free Realms (RIFR)™ ?

    7.Would you like to be in the story?

    8.Behind the Scenes Would you like a minimum paycheck of 50 coins the highest is 500 coins
    Actors Minimum 50 Maximum 450
    Extras Minimum 25 maximum 400

    9.Would you be able to work with another person or solo?

    10. Additional info:

    Thank you for reading,
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    Actually wrapped in a spoiler but still awesome!

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