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    Default Read this everybody!!

    Hello, I am currently Making 3 Maps for battlegrounds/fight areas which will be submitted to FR Forums for approval to be put in the game. they are not little kid drawings. they are really good what i think and there is a small, medium, and huge map, i have currently finished the small and medium, and about 1/2 way done with the huge map. Please post ur thoughts!!

    1 Small = 20 people = 10 vs 10 = death match
    1 medium = 40 people = 20 vs 20 = CTF
    1 huge = 60 people = 30 vs 30 = kill the boss

    Mounts - you can use mounts but only outside.

    Red team vs blue team

    15 seconds to respawn.
    You will respawn at a graveyard which is located at 1 of ur bases.

    Battle items - u may use these

    pets - you may not use these

    in battle ground power ups:
    health regeneration
    speed boost
    attack boost
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    Default Re: Fight Area

    Cool!, Can you post some of them here too?
    Jordan Trademarked
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    Default Re: Fight Area

    Cool! So is this like a place where you can meet freinds and battle creatures that are in the land without being in the group? and mabe some quests there too? or something else?

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    Default Re: Fight Area

    Sounds awesome!

    By my mind is assuming it's like little arenas where you can enter and fight PvP with others.

    (Link to deviantArt)


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    Default Re: Fight Area

    Actualy....... It is not that. It is a PvP area, and if u dont know what that it is it means it is a Player vs. Player. So it is like a duel but with teams and alot more people. And for the small map it is a battle. For the medium map it is a capture the flag. And for the huge map, there are bosses in which you have to beat in order to win. The teams are red vs. Blue. You are put on a team by random. But if ur in a group then youll be put with them.

    And yes i will hopefully post my hand made drawings up tonight.

    Nd look out for my other topics. I am posting information bout the topis listed below:

    auction house
    travel forms (wizard only)
    new skills
    mail system
    guild ideas
    new items
    new clothes
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    Default Re: Read this everybody!!

    Just out of curiosity, can I ask what do you use? Studio 3D max? I wish I could help, but I'm afraid that my skills just had been lost, after years of sleeping >.<

    I find your ideas great. Actually I'm not a huge fan of pvp, so I really love the idea of capture the flag and the monster arena stuff. Have you tought about a labirinth maybe? :-)

    One thing: I find your player cap a bit high. At the beginning, there are many players for new things, but now, the most people I got in any kind of machmaking was 4, including me, and my boyfriend.
    So basically it would be much more fun with many-many people, but to get like 60 people interested in the same time, I think we would need more than a pvp/ctf/pve arena (even tough it's an awesome idea).
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    Default Re: Read this everybody!!

    Sounds really cool!

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