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    Icon11 A Preview of my new Story (Might Finish)

    Well, here it is. Please tell me if you like it or not or if it needs improvements.
    It was a stormy night. Thunder was booming and lightning was crackling.A boy named Jimmy Spikespy was waiting for something interesting to happen. He was a cheerful young lad, but he lacked power. Oh, he longed for power. He was thinking about how his world was starting to bore him. It was unimpressive now, unlike the old days, back when he was a kid. He was thinking about how to make the World a better place. One thing was holding him back though; fright. He was afraid to make a difference. He didn’t want people to disagree with him. If he tried to make a difference, hewould be risking his life. Then, he heard a noise. “What the…” He didn’t get to finish his sentence. “What in the world happened,” said Jimmy. “Where am I?” He was in a cave of some sort, slanted back into the Snowhill Mountains. He heard growling from behind him. “Who’s there,” he asked. A little elf popped out. He said, “Ah, it is you, the Chosen One,” said the elf. “I don’t know what the Chosen One is or where I am.” The elf replied. “You are in a portal world of Free Realms.This world is more sophisticated than the other. And you will find out what the Chosen One is in good time, Jimmy.” “That is what you wished for if I am correct,” said the elf. “I guess,” said Jimmy.“We must prepare,” said the elf!“Prepare for what?” Well, of course! The Festival of the New!” Jimmy was confused. “What’s that?” The elf replied joyfully, “Well, it’s the most important event in the Universe!”

    Find out more about The Festival of the New when this adventurous and surprising story continues in the next chapter. Also find out who is this mysterious and jumpy elf? Answers come in the next chapter.

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    Bye FreeRealms!
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