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Title: (NEW) Tutorial: Easy Images-in-Text

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    Default (NEW) Tutorial: Easy Images-in-Text

    tutorial: pictures in text

    This easy tut will show you how to make a picture-in-text effect. You know, like those supposedly “inspirational” hipster graphics.

    Here's an example of what you can make:
    Very very bad example sorry
    This tutorial is shown for GIMP but you can do it in Photoshop far more easily.

    We’ll be starting with a city image :)

    Type your text using the Type tool and adjust the font, size, and kerning to your preference.

    The font here is Helvetica Bold with tight kerning and paragraph spacing.


    Right-click your text layer and click “Selection from Text”.

    Switch to your photo. Go to Layer > Add Layer Mask, and check “Selection”.

    Hide your original text layer by clicking the eyecon, and you’re finished :D You can now do whatever you want from here, such as add a border, background, or whatever you like.

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