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    Icon1 My story im writing: Liena's Story

    Liena’s story

    Chapter 1

    Hidden behind a rock, eyeing the gate warily, she watched people leave and enter the small village. Indigo eyes searching every face, she memorized every feature, every characteristic, and every trait she could glean from afar. She turned, to look in her pack, making sure the weapons not on her person were still safe. As a threadbare traveler approached in the dieing light of dusk, she grabbed her Raztor –a 9 pointed throwing device where the blades can be retracted individually –and slunk out after her. As she approached, her victim stopped, turning. As the young woman gazed into the drowning light of day, she saw only a cat, sitting on the road, licking its paws. Sighing, she turned, reprimanding herself for being so foolish. As she took a step away, she felt searing pain shoot through her legs.

    Watching the young woman crumple as she caught the Raztor, she smiled. This is too easy she thought. As she approached the woman on the ground, she belted the Raztor, intent on viewing the woman as a witness of a crime, not the perpetrator. The traveler writhed in pain on the ground, clutching her torn hamstrings, tears falling like crystals caught in ice from her eyes. She looked up; saw a woman of about 5' 6", long black hair, odd colored eyes. She looked to be human, yet something in her demeanor suggested otherwise. As the unknown woman approached her, she called for help, and then blacked out.

    Noting her victim had blacked out, she picked her up, carrying her to a nearby stand of rocks. Dumping the young traveler on the ground, she did her best to "fix" the wounds, in effect making them worse. She smiled, looking at her handiwork as the woman groaned in pain. Sitting up straight, she gave her a small bit of something in a vial; the color of her eyes, indigo. As the young woman lapsed into a pain driven "sleep", the indigo-eyed woman started to ask her questions, the young woman giving every answer truthfully.

    Long into the night she asked, got answers, and all the while giving the woman more and more from the vial. Finally, after the last question, she gave the last of the vial to the young woman. Watching the woman convulse, she laughed silently, hoping that whatever gods this woman worshiped would take her soul, for surely she wouldn't…

    As the woman's body lay there on the ground, the indigo-eyed lady looked her over, noting every scar, every freckle, every feature upon the woman. Speaking a few runes, the body burst into flame.

    Smiling, she walked towards the village. So, the woman thought, She had a family at one time, but lost in fire. Hmm, well, she met the same fate as them it seems. Laughing, she crept closer and closer, shadows playing upon her face. As the morning light broke, the indigo-eyed woman seemed to shift, change ever so slightly.

    Stopping to look in a small pool of water, she looked herself over. The figure that gazed back looked exactly like the young woman that had been. Grinning, she walked into the gates, thinking how this seemingly small village would work well for her and her master.

    Walking ever so gracefully, the woman headed toward the closest tavern. Indigo eyes watching every movement, hearing every word that passes her. As she entered the tavern, fumes of ale overwhelmed her senses. She walked up to the possessor of the tavern to ask for the back room key. He looked at her strangely until she pulled a letter from her bag. As he read his eyes widened and let out a little whimper of fear. He locked gazes with the woman for a few seconds and took out the key that he soon after gave to her.

    The woman opened the door and went inside. The smell of lavender flooded the room. She locked the door and sat on the bed, opened her pack and pulled out a silver dagger, 5 candles, black lace, and a stone tablet. The stone had peculiar inscriptions on it that any commoner could not decipher. It is time she thought. She quickly stood directly in the middle of the room. She put the candles in a circle. She took the black lace and put apiece straight across and straight down.

    She started to chant as she lit the candles. Each word she said made the candle’s flame turn blue. She took the tablet and put it in the middle of the circle and then walked around the circle and started to chant softly, waving her hands in the air, making symbols and hand signs. She took a blend of purple herbs and made a large “V” in the middle of the circle onto the tablet. She quickly stepped away and uttered the final word for the spell.
    A burst of flame erupted in the middle of the circle. The circle turned into a hole and a hand grabbed the edge of the opening. A cloaked man rose up out of the opening. As he touched the ground the portal closed. The woman quickly fell to one knee.
    “You have done well my pet,” The cloaked man purred in a deep voice, ”stand Liena, I have news.”
    “Yes Vikazi, what news have you brought from Cranze…” As the words left her lips a loud bang came from the door.
    “Here,” She tossed him a vial,”go hide behind that chest.” and then ran to the door.
    “Yes,” she said,”what do you want?”
    As she was opening the door, a clawed hand came at her. She quickly ducked and took the Katannas from her belt and when she looked at the assassin she almost fell backward at the sight of a glabrezu –a dog faced demon of the lower planes. It has sharp pincers that could snap a person in half-.

    She wasn’t expecting a glabrezu to come to her, nonetheless to kill her! Who, she thought who would send this beast to me? She had only let her guard down for a second, but that was all the glabrezu needed. She felt the creature’s claw close around her neck and she heard Vikazi call her name then everything went black.

    Chapter 2

    Vikazi was a moon elf in his twentieth century. He had long dark blue hair and deep gray eyes that had a spark of individuality. He had just saved Liena from a fiend from the lower planes. If he were not there, she would have likely died.

    He was in the air, riding his silver pet Shween, Sanura –A medium sized dragon that can morph into a large panther, lizard or an elf (race of elf depends on color) in this case it is a forest elf with silver hued skin, silver hair and eyes. Liena lay in a seat, limp. Sanura, stop in a clearing up ahead, the wizard sent telepathically. Liena is beginning to stir. But master, we need to make it to Cranzeeba before dawn, Sanura sent back, we don’t have long to get there, you should understand that. Rage welled up inside Vikazi. Go to the clearing, do not disobey me! Sanura was wise enough not to disobey her master. But she didn’t like the idea of stopping. With three flaps of her wings they were in the grass of the clearing.

    *CRACK* Vikazi whirled around on Sanura to look behind him and to his dismay a full grown Dragon shot up through the trees and dived at them, roaring all the way. “FASTER!!!!” he cried as the dragon was homing in. Vikazi drew his sword and racked his brain for spells. “Vikazi,” Said a soft voice, “Oh no…”

    Liena had finally awaken


    They woke in a small room filled with the scent of jasmine and chamomile. The small room was extravagantly decorated with fine silk from all the lands. There was gaudy trinkets of all sizes and color, encrusted with jewels and chipped gold.

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    Default Re: My story im writing: Liena's Story

    No offense, but I can't read it. The font is too small.

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