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Title: My story

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    Default My story

    I have been writing a crappy story but I wanted to post it anyway here it goes:I woke up to the annoying buzz of my alarm clock. Whoopie Brian, it was going to be another average day at highschool (It's not going to be average). You see I don't enjoy mornings much since I like to sleep-in alot. I slowly manuvered downstairs being careful not to trip over any of my little brothers toys. I grabbed my jacket and my backpack and whispped out the door, being careful of the small patches of ice by the road. I knew what going to be coming up for me, another day of misery. Most people know me as the dunce or the idiot of the school. I forgot about the topic and sat in the cold. After two minutes of waiting I saw the bright flashing lights of the bus coming down to my house. Once I had gotton through the door, the first thing I heard was "Moron" come out of Tommy Hopkinn's mouth. This is the thing i'm talking about, I know how much of a loser I am and people don't need to tell me that I am. I took my seat in the middle of the bus when I noticed a girl in the seat across from me who I haven't seen before. I knew she must be new so i asked her "Are you new?" She replied "Yes, I moved from Huntsville." "Well hi, my names Brian." "Hey, i'm Amy." "Nice to meet you." "You too." I heard someone three seat behind me say "Shut up Brian and get a life!" I turned and looked out the bus window not to show Amy my emotionalized face. But when she said "Stop! he isn't a loser" I was shocked. No one had ever said that about me. The bus pulled into the school and I said a quick "Thanks" to Amy. As I ran off the bus into the croweds of people at the door. I had been pushed and shoved in all directions but have made it in the school. I got a big burst of heat from the heater above me. Leaving the only heat sorce I took a quick pace to beat the other students to their lockers. As I was putting my stuff away, of course "Q" shows up and throws my stuff on the floor. Picking up the papers from my stuff I got an unexpected visit from Amy. She watched as my stuff was knocked out of my hands and decided to help me. "Thanks, everyone just thinks of me as a loser." "Your not a loser Brian, your a great kid." "Why are you the only person that says that." "Because I care about you, your the only friend that I have here." Her words echoed through my brain, as she brought me back to reallity saying she was lost. I decided to help her when I saw she had the same classes as me. I escorted her down the halls that led to my classroom. When I stopped to get a quick drink I accidentally hit the wall. When a scanner thing popped out of the wall. Holding Amy's hand I put my hand on the scanner to see what would happen. The screen turned red and i guess that mean't "Nope." I let Amy try it and it worked. I started to feel this rush within me as I was swept off the ground Amy at my side. I felt like I was morphing untill I landed on soild ground. We weren't at the drinking fountain anymore more. We were in some kind of lair filled with electronic gadjects and other thigamajiggys. When a guy appeared from the shadows. "Wwwweelll ccooommmeee ccchhooseenn oonne" He slowly walked next to Amy and me. He put this band around my and Amy's arm. "Sleeeppp tttiiiggghhtt." I woke up with this feeling, not phyically but mentally that something wasn't right. I looked to my left and saw Amy. Well what was Amy... she had been wearing a robotic suit filled with powers. I slowly looked down at me and saw no change at all except I was covered in a fluffy grey hair. It had to have been a few centimeters deep. I tried to wake up Amy but all that came out of my mouth was "Arrrfff* thats when I realized. I wasn't human.

    IGN: Epik R0ckZ, Thanks to Kayopuro for the avvie and siggy.

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    Default Re: My story

    Really good story! If you work on your dialog and grammar, it will be extra wonderful!(:

    This ends on a good note.

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