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    Default My New "Welcome" Picture

    I got somewhat bored one day and had an idea. I shall gather the Insiders at The Rock, or George (I think), and have them all wave in unison to create a new picture to welcome our new members.
    Well, it only went halfway right. :| A few too many people with obstructive mounts and twenty too many boomboxes and fireworks. I decided to skip the /wave part and just take a picture.
    It seems that Referee Shadow helped me make up for it, though. And with a little editing, here's my final result:

    Couldn't resist the "escape" bit, but remember that it's statistically inaccurate. The percentage of attempted escapes is equal to pi minus 35/10.

    Credits of some random people:
    Me, in the Banana Suit W/ Wings
    The BananaKing, in the Chicken Suit >_>
    Stephanie Rabbitheart & Zadira Kindleriver, the two girls on the right side of the rock that somehow avoided the masses
    Alex Fluffy and his obstructive Nightmare, whom blocked someone's face... now that I look at it, it seems someone was right behind the Nightmare, too. :0
    Referee Shadow, the giant pirate skeleton with an even bigger skull

    And all the Insiders and lnsiders that came to the shoot, even though I'm not sure they knew about it. :3
    Status: Quit FR since I never liked FR at all. Will probably not post anymore.

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    Default Re: My New "Welcome" Picture

    lol yeah I like the escape part
    Level 20 I dont remember. O_o
    "I'm not fighting because I want to win, I'm fighting because I have to win."

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    Default Re: My New "Welcome" Picture

    Oh, that is hilarious, RP! Too funny! That was a fun way to spend a little time this afternoon.

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    Default Re: My New "Welcome" Picture

    Lol the escape part was funny XD

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    Default Re: My New "Welcome" Picture

    That is one BIG squirrel. I totally forgot about it >_>

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