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Title: Music Video

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    Default Music Video

    I'm going to try to make a music video! I can't record so it's just going to be pictures,simple animation. He's what will show up t the beginning of the video:

    I'm not sure if the whole video will be that way, because without all the breaks that picture took an half an hour-hour to edit. ;A; I'm not even sure if it'll be completely FR oriented. (It'll probably have FR, Mabinogi, and pictures). And if I can get the version I want it'll be a little over five minutes long. >.> Oh well, I hope you like it! (the picture) and, one question. By looking at the picture, what song do you think I'll do? And what version? (if you correctly guess the song) I just want to see how close (or off) you are.
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