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    Default More Like Kacey

    More Like Kacey

    A young man
    17 years old
    Popular in school
    A friend to all
    Strong as an ox
    Olympic torch bearer
    Cross country runner
    Dance competition winner
    State champion wrestler
    Completely selfless
    Always helping others who are
    less fortunate
    Rarely discouraged
    Always smiling and laughing
    Positive about life

    Why does this seemingly average boy
    stand above the rest?
    Why do I admire him so?

    Because he has done all this
    And carries on
    Living life to its fullest
    And never asks
    "Why me?"
    'Though he has had
    No legs Since age six

    If only we could all be more like Kacey.

    This was written for my best friend Kacey, I love him to death.
    And you may too

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    Default Re: More Like Kacey

    Lol I'd fail at being Kacey.
    I ask "Why Me?" All the time xD

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    Default Re: More Like Kacey

    Lol. Most people would. Kacey is amazing and always will be. He does for everyone else and not himself. Thats why I love him so much.

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