Many moons ago, there lived a family of poor, only a shilling between them all. Lived In White Chapel, hiding between buildings was a boy, Jai, Jai was the poorest boy around. He was one of the ones to avoid the workhouse, none of the posh Victorians would have taken poor to care, they would only care about themselves. Soon enough Jai went out and enjoyed what he seen, a girl came up to him and asked him something,
"Are you alright my boy? You seem very poor but not like you've been in the workhouse! Where are you meant to live then?" The girl asked suspiciously.
"I live right between these old buildings here, you would think, eh? A little chap like me." Jai said back.
"Course not! Well... Anyway I got an offer up for you, you help me work in the kitchen and I'll give you somewhere to stay for a bit?" The girl said with a smile.
"Of course I would! Although I dont know how to read." Jai said sadly.
"I dunno either but I managed to get a home with a job in the kitchen" The girl said.