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Title: Ideas!

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    Default Ideas!

    I have some ideas for FR!
    - Make own clothes
    -Put in Skin colors in coin shop
    - Customize mounts
    - Sitting mote
    - Eating mote
    - Customizing houses (Like making your own house or lot from scratch)
    - Design own hair styles and face paint
    - Codes for mounts for everyone to use
    - Free Sc (gives you 5,000 sc per month)
    - Free Coins (gives you 5,000 coins per month)
    That is all the ideas you have. If you have any post!!

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    Default Re: Ideas!

    Wow thats pretty cool. i would love to design my own clothing on there!
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    Default Re: Ideas!

    Wa-a-ay too much SC per month... No one would ever need to buy SC anymore! Ever! AGAIN!

    But good ideas though.

    Perhaps you could earn 1 SC for every minigame won? Just a thought, if you're dying for SC.

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    Default Re: Ideas!

    I would love to design my own clothing on FR. Maybe if we designed our own clothes we could sell our designs in coin shop. Now that would be cool. Plus it would make FR way more.... awesome. And more unique.

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