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    Default Holy Flim Flams

    O-o Weird topic title. BUT YES IT HAS A PURPOSE! I wanted to let some people know that I am in the middle of shooting my next video...I mean I have seen soo many people enjoy them that I decided to give you all a heads up and just keep a look out in the video thinger. It might be out by...wednesday maybe but Im not making any promises. If you haven't seen any of my videos and wonder what the FREAK Im talking about....go here:

    Or if you want to go to the source of the video uploading (which is youtube) go to this channel and subscribe or leave a comment:

    Notice how all the videos I have created are not on that channel? Well I was using another one before that one. So Please Comment and get ready for...Video Madness o-o

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    Default Re: Holy Flim Flams

    Great! I cant wait!

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