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Title: Good Plot?

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    Default Good Plot?

    Hey, I am attempting to write a story! Is this a good plot?

    Title: Lost in the Darkness
    Plot: There were two boys from the Darkness Realm. Dante and Koru. Once called upon by the Lost Angel, Dawn. They help her restore her realm and Defeat the Destroyer of Realms. The trio will learn the meaning of friendship & trust in one big adventure.
    It was fun playing with you guys! Ilysm!

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    Default Re: Good Plot?

    I really feel like every story is like this. I really wish people could spice it up and do a totally different theme.
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    This ends on a good note.

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    Default Re: Good Plot?

    I don't know I feel like EVERYONE puts some big quest in their novel where normal people have to save the realm or whatnot. It's not bad it's just slightly generic. Darkness realm is a bit over used in my opinion, or anything having to do with darkness. The names are good but maybe instead of focusing on a quest or someone trying to destroy the realms it could be more of a fight between the two brothers or something. It just seems generic in my opinion. And honestly I wouldn't read a book about "friendship and trust" because again it's an average theme unless you conceal it well in between the lines.

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