"This is a Genesis machine."

We sat by, waiting in front of our computers as the Collider fired up. In all our heads was the same thought--that we were making history. With fingers crossed and breaths held, fists clenching anxiously in our pockets, we all watched the screens for a sign of success.

They had said it would lead to the destruction of mankind, playing God like this. In our attempt to create a new Beginning, we would unwittingly bring about the end with a ravenous black hole that would swallow us all up. How senseless that seemed now, as the particles crashed along on their way to bringing us closer to understanding.

A warning light flashes overhead--had we succeeded so soon? Keys are already clacking away, trying to find out what had happened within the particle accelerator in that brief instant signaled by a hugely abnormal spike in our charts.

At first there is nothing. The project seems to have gone off without a hitch. Then there is a siren. Its ceaseless wailing means that something went wrong. But the research, the calculations, the design--it was all perfect! How could anything have possibly gone wrong?

And then there's running. As the particle accelerator crumples and disappears before our eyes, we're running from our Genesis machine. But there is no escaping it now. The gravitational pull is too much for us--for any of us--to get away alive. There was no stopping that which we had set into motion.

My God, we've created a monster.

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