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    Default Free Realms News NOW HIRING (Info post)

    Welcome to Free Realms News!

    Our staff welcomes you to come and see what's going on in Free Realms and what's changing.

    Each post from reporters will include important information about Free Realms that is not on the front page that we want you to know about!

    To tell who's who, here's the list of active staff:

    Katlyn Oakdream

    Lead Reporter, Layout Designer, Founder, Owner, Photo Editor/Taker
    Hi! I'm Katlyn Oakdream, lead reporter of Free Realms News. My favorite thing to do in Free Realms is decorate my house and trade with other players! I have 15 houses and 18 pets (only 4 of them are real pets, the others are PetPals). I've maxed out my adventurer job and I'm getting really close to maxing out my Chef job. I'm a lifetime member and as of 2/2/12 at 9:45AM I've been playing Free Realms for 461 hours and 50 minutes. My character is 1 year old and turning 2 on 2/12/12.

    We need more staff! Here's the application to send to Katlyn Oakdream (me):

    Free Realms Name:
    FRI Name:
    Are you a member?:
    If you are, what member plan do you have?:
    How many houses do you have?:
    How many pets do you have?:
    How long have you played Free Realms?:
    How old is your character?:
    When's your character's birthday?:
    What position do you want?:
    If you don't get that position, what position do you want?:
    Did any friends recommend you, if so, who?:
    Description of yourself (look at Katlyn Oakdream's for example):

    When you're done filling this out, DON'T post it here, send it to Katlyn Oakdream.

    Want to know more, or have any questions? Visit our Q&A post here:

    Free Realms News Q&A
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    Default Re: Free Realms News NOW HIRING (Info post)

    Aren't you basically going against your job on Briarwood news by making another news station?
    Spoiler: show
    Actually wrapped in a spoiler but still awesome!

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