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    Default The Free Realms Avengers

    After I saw "The Avengers" movie, i got kinda inspired by that hero squad. So i started to make Free Realms version of them. First i decided to make a picture.So, this is what i made until now (Note: if any of heroes from movie are missing, please warn me)Aveng.jpg
    P.S. Hulk is not in picture, because he is impossible there is to make in Free Realms.
    P.P.S. Picture is not fully finished, cause i still need to find out how the heck i shade Thor's cape and find good background picture.
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    Default Re: The Free Realms Avengers

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    Default Re: The Free Realms Avengers

    Cool! The movie was interesting, I got dragged by my boyfriend and brother to see it xD

    The Black Widow isn't in there, but that's understandable considering you're a dude x3 I especially like Thor in that picture, and whatever the flying guy with the robot suit's name is looks EPIC.

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    Default Re: The Free Realms Avengers

    That's so cool. x3
    My brother and dad went to see the movie while I got stuck doing karate. -.-' (but I'm going to see Snow White and the Huntsman tomorrow, mwahaha)

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