Ring Ring Ring Ring! Goes Icy's Phone. Yawn! Its Jerry.." Icy says Waking up. "Hello? What do you want Jerry?" Icy Says falling back to sleep. "Actully Its me Knight...." Knight says Playing the game: Call Of Duty: Black Ops. "OMG! I missed you! -Screams so loud 1 Window brakes- Wha, How are you alive? Icy Says Telling the girls its Knight on the phone. "Jerry took me to the Hostpital." Knight says Getting in the Car driving to They're House. "Where are you right now and i thought he was Framing you?" Icy Says Kinda Confused. "I'm in the car with Jerry and he said im sorry for Framing him, Please Forgive me." Knight says for Jerry. "Tell him its ok." Icy said. "Ok, we just parked at the Apartment." Knight said."Omg Girls Knight's in front of the Apartment Door!" Knock Knock! "Come In, Knight." Icy Says. "Hey Guys! Whats up Cele! Hey Claire And Icy! Where's my Hug???" Knight says Winking. "Hey Jerry I missed you!" Claire said. Ring Ring Ring! Goes Knights Phone. "Yo? whats up?" Knight says. "Report to The Leauge Now! There's a New Member! The Trainer says.
"Ok Sir i'll tell them" Knight says. "Whats up now Knight?" Icy Says. "The Leader Wants us for a Meeting. There's a new Member of the Leauge. "Just use my Teleporter i got from the Guy who sells Teleporters. "We're here Sir." Knight says. "Meet Ashleigh!" The Trainer says "Welcome" The Leauge says. "Thank you Ladies and GentelMen." Ashleigh says Exited. "Your Welcome." Its nice to meet a new Member!" Claire Says.

So, Welcome to That New Member Ashleigh! -Laugh-
Anyways, Welcome Back Knight!

We Will Have A New Chapter Again Later On Today! Later.