Chapter 1: Hidden

My name is Lacey, I am 14 my life is Hidden away from many.
I am living a lonely life in this dark depressing night.
My life would be more spontaneous if I was more forfilling.
is different in my world, love doesnt exist
But all that I know, Is the darkness inside me
I am undead.

It all started when I was 9 years old my life had taken a toll to another world.
I was sitting in my backyard one night it was cold, dark, and a depressing night.
Everything that had happened that night, was for a reason.
I knew it was going to happen. My life taken, My heart, My soul.
Living as a undead is hard sometimes. But no one can see or hear you.
Except in the world of darkness. I am fearless. I am Hidden. I am more than
human, I am immortal. My life has been complicated at times.

Out in my backyard, I was sitting on the swing that was on my tree. Looking up seeing nothing except the sky.
After being out in the dark I had heard A sheiring shreak coming from my house.
It sounded like my mother, I ran to the house to see.

My mom was lying on the floor with blood coming out of her neck.
Then all of a sudden the lights went out and I couldnt see anything except
the darkness.

My heart was racing.....

Then it happened....

Someone had come up behind me and bit my neck I screamed for my life,
My life flashed before my eyes.
But my toll had been taken.

Then next thing I knew the lights turned on, and my little brother Tommy had woken up
and came down stairs to see what happened.
He ran to my mom first she was already dead lying their from her bite.
Then he saw me and ran rapidly to me.
Me and My little brother Tommy have always been close
But he clinged to me, Crying out to me.
He told me he loved me.
He was so upset when I didnt open my eyes.
But after he layed there next to me clinging to me.
My eyes opened and I had awakened.

With a slurred voice I told him be faithful, live life to the fullest, and always remember I love you.

Thats as far as I got with the story ) I hope you liked it I was edit it, once I'm done writing the rest of the chapter.

If anything doesnt sound right please be sure to post or inbox me to edit. )

~Smoochie Cuddlekins~