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    Icon11 Drawing/Sketches? :)

    I've been drawing a lot lately.. Mostly Eyes for some reason.. I love the passion in anime eyes and just eyes in general.. I also drew a Death The Kid little drawing thing O.O Tell me what ya think? (:

    IMG_6377.jpg(IMG_6376.jpgYes.. The eye one has hair covering it o.o)
    Hope You Like

    EDIT: Sorry Their SO Big D: DX

    "I'm Baaaaaaack!"
    Spoiler: show
    Selling Sc Every 2 Weeks! : )

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    Default Re: Drawing/Sketches? :)

    There awesome!

    Great sketches!

    Love them!

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    Default Re: Drawing/Sketches? :)

    :3 Death the Kid! Good job with the drawings and I love drawing Anime eyes too xD

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