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Title: The day in the haunted forsest

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    Default The day in the haunted forsest

    I slowly awoke my eyes open on the chill crisp morning. I knew something has heppened, but I didn't know what. I remembered sleeping in a forest, a forest of black trees, a bathroom and a ta-tank cans everywhere. I remember stepping into the bathroom seeing a man, a man about 7ft tall with 4ft long arms, black suit, pure white face with noeyes, mouth, eras, noese or even hair. The man disapeared in behind me and hissed at me with his en-closured face. In my dream he haunted me with his evil look and I could imagine him with his looks behind the willows in the forest.

    In the newspapper this morning, I read about a murder! a murder? I thought. I remember seeing blood everywhere in the willow pine cracks. I decided to go for a walk in the misty morning. I suddenly saw a man, a man that I was familiar with. He had the same characteristics so I knew by then it was him, him who shall not be discovered as a gero, mystery, or even en-shallowing name. a name i thought. I could see the man with his distant gravery look. As a suide man, I slowly pinched my eyes closed. I knew that befor dark, I could return safe and sound at home. The Man suddenly disapeared. I remember th day walking into that forest, forest of fiery ****. I could slowly bring back the thoughts and not think of the man.

    I went home and ate dinner. I tucked myself into bed thinking I was safe but I knew I wasn't. As soon as I flickered the lights off, they soon turned on, then off, and on, then off, and so on. I shiver, remembering the thoughts in the forest. The forest? How could it be the forest in every thought in time? The Forest. Of course the forest! What was in the forest? OH I remember! The faintly shaded man! Tall and arge skinny arms and legs, no face, black suide suit, long fingers with no nails, pure white face, bald, and no spec of hair! I knew in the thought that there was something coming, and I was going to be involved with weakness and shallowness to forht I don't even keep as a burden. The grandfather clock stroke twelve and I was sound asleep, but then I woke up! The window had been open! Something was wrong and I knew by the moment that I was trapped, trapped in a place with no escape but to scream and be frustrated then ever! The man appeared in front of me and I stared at him. Him! I thought. I knew that there was anme, but I shall NOT called the bewithered a he, she, her, and him. I colsed my eyes then opened them. ''He'' was gone. Gone in the midst of shallowing night.

    I woke up in the mornng. My mom saw the apperance of herself in the mirror as she began geting ready for work......

    Pleae tell me how I did so far! RATE ONE TO TEN! THANKS YOU!
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