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    Icon3 Can You Keep It? Episode One.

    "Hey Vanessa! This is a little video for you since your all the way in London! Hope your having a great time. Cant wait to see ya! Love Rosie." Rosie said into the camera with a smile on her face.
    "Hey dad why cant we send Johnny off to London? He'll love it and he'll be away from us? I'm sure its a great Idea!" She said with a cheeky grin on her face.
    "Oh darlin' you do know he'll come crawling back right? He never goes off on his own forever!" The dad said sadly.

    "Hey its Vanessa here from all the way in London! I'm having a great time Rosie and I hope you are too! I got a lot of souvenirs and I was thinking, why cant we just send Johnny to London? He'll be off our backs then." Vanessa said into the camera. I turned off the camera and went to bed.
    "I wonder how Vanessa's coping with the new school."
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