Maddy Dazzlinggate-Human Twins with Lyric
Lyric Dazzlinggate-Human Twins with Maddy
Sarah Sunnysmile-Human BestFriend to the Twins
Melly Sapphire-Pixie Ariannas sister
Arianna Saphire-Pixie Mellys sister

About the Twins
Maddy and Lyric are forgotten Princesses,learning who they are,thier friends are helping them,Archery,Magic,Healing,and being a Ninja.The twins are Blondes,Blue eyes.They love to fly and be the Super Twins who keep Sacred Grove safe.They also go to VIP University,they are cheerleaders and have all A+`s all year round.They have 4 dogs,Ski,Duke,Rocky,and Nox.They are 13.

About Sarah
Sarah is a girl from Snowhill.She has Black Hair,Green Eyes,and pale skin.She used to be a Royal Guard for the twins.She pretends to not know anything about it to keep them safe.Her family lives in Snowhill.Her dog,Pippi,is a brown dog with white ears.Her age is unknown....

About the Pixie Sisters
Arianna and Melly are Guardian Angels for the Royal Family.They have white hair,blue eyes,and White wings,with a touch of pink at the end.They have a white puppy,her name is Kira,she has black ears and black claws.They spend most time with Sarah,,seeing how they will keep the Twins safe.

The Twins Family
Mom and Dad:Kelley Dazzlinggate Doug Dazzlinggate
Aunts:Shana Shayla-Married others..Unknown

Sarahs Family
Sisters:Mary,Selma,Bella,and Marissa
Brothers:Gary,Griffin,Ron,and John
Mom and Dad:Belle Sunnysmile and Johnny Sunnysmile
Uncles:Justin,Lou,Clarence,and Donnie
Aunts:MaryLou,Amy,Charlotte,and Nikky
Cousins:Lots of them..Cant name them.

The Pixie Twins Family
Sisters:Annie,Anna,Selma,and Selena
Brothers:John,Johnny,Ron,and Ronald
Mom and Dadixie Sapphire and Donnie Sapphire
Counins:20,Im not naming them.