Chapter 1 Found Out What?

"Look!Look!Sarah!!!See this book?I found it by my bed!"Lyric said.
"Well...Lets see...Hmmmm....Its a book on Magic...",Sarah said as she ran her hand over the cover that said 'Forbidden Magic'.
"I found this one on Ninja swords and how to make them!"Maddy said as she looked over at Lyric.She ran her hand over te cover.
"Well,Melly found a diary that said 'My Diary',it probaly belongs to your mom",Arianna said,with a smile on her face.Arianna handed Maddy and Lyric the diary.
"You girls should read it in your dorm,it would be some useful information",Sarah said.Lyric and Maddy walked to thier dorm,they sat in thier closet,reading it.
Day 5,1998 September 5th
Today I get married to Doug,King of Sacred Grove!I cant believe he proposed to ME!
We will be so happy together!Queen Kelley!He even let my family move into the Palace with him!My grown is made of snow white lace,and I will have beautiful shoes.Well,I gotta go get ready.

They flipped a few pages.And started reading again.

Day 3,2001 April 3rd

We had 5 girls and 3 boys.Lyric,Maddy,and Katie are triplets,Jenny and Bella are adopted.John and Ron are twins,Jake is the smallest.We have to go take care of the kids,bye!
~Kelley..And the kids..

Maddy held her breathe,then seen Lyric pass out.A while later we got Lyric up and she was,again,passed out.When we got her back up,we made sure she didnt do it again.Sarah took them to thier familys castle.
"I know a few things about your family...You guys used to live here..Needs some cleaning up tho.Be sure to learn the secrets of it."Sarah said,happily.

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