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Title: Advice!

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    Default Advice!

    I have decided to send in a few drawings like Aaron to FR! But I'm not a good drawer, so I was wondering if some of you guys could give me some tips!

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    Default Re: Advice!

    Do your best and remember that art techniques are different for everyone. Find your medium and go with it! Good luck.
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    Default Re: Advice!

    Trust me, I'm not the best artist either . Anyway, I just tried my best, then if I knew that was the best I could do, I would just write a little side note "Sorry, can't draw " or something like that. If you write a caption, then they will know what it is. Also descriptions help.
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    Default Re: Advice!

    Make sure that when you are drawing, you have a good vision of what you want in your head and also make sure you are in the drawing mood cause I can get frustrated easily if Im drawing under pressure. Im not the worlds most amazing drawer but this is what I think will help you.

    Btw...ROFL!! I laughed at Aarons Pro look very....<.< >.> nice?

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    Default Re: Advice!

    LOl, yeah, Aarons pic is nice.....
    Ontopic: Yeah writing captions and descriptions help.
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    Default Re: Advice!

    If you want to dive into detailed pictures, practice is essential. As stated, nobody draws exactly the same. Draw a picture with the image clear in your head. Once it's done, look it over and slowly try to redraw the errors, making them more precise as you go. Eventually, hopefully, you'll get the picture you want (albeit with a lot of erase marks if you drew too dark of a picture). Repeating this will make the movements more habitual for you and make drawing a lot easier and second nature.
    Well, that's what I would think and try myself. I'm not as dedicated at being an artist, though.

    If you're just trying to get a point across or give an example, stick figures and basic shapes will probably work if you at least clearly label the objects.
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