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    Default You have to play this game c:


    I play woozworld, and think it is the most
    awesome game ever c: Have any of you
    guys played it? Just a little about it. It is a
    game like freerealms, with what I think bet-
    ter looking people. Alot more clotes to
    choose from also. You can have many
    unitz/houses, and there is nothing like SC
    that you have to pay for. The only thing
    they have you would have to pay for are
    exclusive outfits and vip membership. But
    the exclusive outfits will come out in the
    stores, not for real money, sooner or later.
    There is more variety for you to choose for
    to make your person the way your want it.
    Including the: face, lips eyes, skin, and you
    can choose to have a tattoo, but I chose
    freckles! I recomend this game for all ages.
    If this game sounds interesting to you,
    and you would like to join but would
    like to know more about it, message me
    on here or join and find out for youself.
    You will love this game, and I know I
    already do. --They are adding some new
    stuff to Woozworld to! What are those?
    Well, you will soon be able to trade, like in
    Freerealms, take pictures where ever you
    are, and I really dont know the other two
    yet. But if you join you could find out!

    I do not play FreeRealms anymore.

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    Default Re: You have to play this game c:

    Woozworld it kinda fun. I started playing it a couple weeks ago o:
    Thanks Jaiyden & Lindei for avvie & siggie.

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    Default Re: You have to play this game c:

    Kat! Could I get your name on it =)) I also am addicted to it =3

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