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Title: Wizard 101

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    Jul 2011

    Default Wizard 101

    i love this wizard game

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    Aug 2011

    Default Re: Wizard 101

    My sis created an account and she hated it...

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    May 2011

    Default Re: Wizard 101

    i hate wizard 101

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    Jul 2010

    Default Re: Wizard 101

    Guys, stop saying 'hate' alot. It's pretty rude fro someone who loves wizard101 like me )=

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    Apr 2011

    Default Re: Wizard 101

    i didnt like wizard 101 it was kinda boring.....every one has opinions
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    Default Re: Wizard 101

    Well Wisards 101 is more for littler kids i had a account but i got pretty bored with it the most i played it is when fr was down for soooo long
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