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Title: The Walking Dead, 400 Days coming in July.

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    Default The Walking Dead, 400 Days coming in July.

    (Only for people who played or watch the Walking Dead Game by Telltales. )

    The episode between season one and season two. What do you think about the new characters? Here is the trailer:

    So, my theory is: Lee and everyone else we knew is dead. And if you saw the credits at the end of episode 5 in season one, Clementine is at a hill and she sees two figures in the distance. Could the two figures be one of the survivors we play in episode 400 Days?

    IGN says that when you play 400 Days, it will affect season two. Some people that we know from season one, will come back. For example, Glen, Omid, Christa, and Lilly. If you've played season one, Glen goes out to find his family or friends, Omid and Christa has never been claimed dead, and Lily droved off with the trailer or Lee left her alone.
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    Default Re: The Walking Dead, 400 Days coming in July.

    I can't wait for this!
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