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Title: Vindictus

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    Default Vindictus

    Known as Mabinogi Heroes in Korea, Vindictus has been opened for Early Access Beta. That means you need a key to play. Open Beta won't be until October 6th, Early Access beta is recommended to get you started before Open Beta. You can get your selected name without having it taken by someone else. Vindictus's servers are broken up to two servers: West (For West Coast people) and East (East Coast).

    Who has started Vindictus?

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    Default Re: Vindictus

    yea this game is awesome and the open beta opened Oct 13th

    Steámpunk (FR), Isaiah.Martin411 (Skype),
    I Am Hobo Ninja (Xbox Live), Ysabelle/Nighthawx (Vindictus)

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