Hello, and welcome to my game review thread. The thread will be updated periodically with reviews of games that I can play. You may also request game reviews (E-M, I can play all of them), but only for
the PS3 and the Xbox 360. For now, let me start you off with a review of Call of Duty: Black Ops , because I'm sure 90% of humanity has either played or heard of it.

(PS3, XBOX 360, WII, PC)

Industry rating: M (ESRB), 18+ (PEGI), MA15+ (ACB)
TEC's rating: 4/10

Overview: Black Ops would be a decent game if it weren't buried by technical problems that are more abundant than the increasingly overused Spetsnaz commandoes that appear in every other video game. Even then, it still isn't the best. All Black Ops does is recreate World at War with new guns and maps. Not even new graphics.

Plot: It's like a bad movie... Or the US invasion of Iraq. The plot can be summed up in nine words: "Find the WMD before they kill all of us!" But it's also like a Michael Bay movie that has been pumped up with God-knows-what. There are explosions everywhere! Not that I mind explosions and gunfighting, but where it gets to the point where the story isn't mattering anymore, it's silly. I had to take lots of breaks because of the mindless killing and explosions. I can only take so much within such little time.

Campaign: Plot described above. The campaign was also a disappointment. It's short, only around 5-6 hours, and makes little sense. Also, I feel like it's on rails. Whereas games like Battlefield allow you to choose your routes and plan your attacks, Black Ops consistently forces you to do one thing every time. The replay value stinks. The vehicle segments were lame and the riverboat felt clunky, while the SR-71 segment was so easy, a newborn child could do it and get the "Pathfinder" achievement/trophy.

Graphics: They are the same as World at War's, and getting outdated. Rough textures, poor models in some parts, and an overall lack of effort to make it better. They just wanted it out by Christmas to get lots of money.

Sound: The sound is all right. The guns don't sound very real, and the voice acting isn't the best. Environment noises also sound sort of muffled. The music is forgettable, too. They threw some Rolling Stones in to try to be classy, but it didn't work.

Gameplay: This is where I hate it the most. Gameplay is overly simplified, and often comes down to a "who has the faster-firing gun" dilemma in combat. Point and shoot, point and shoot, maybe hold Square or X to do something. It's not challenging to get a hang of this game, and it felt like an insult to my intelligence. You are also a super-soldier. You can run like an Olympic track runner with a 70 pound pack and steel helmet, and also jump around like a kid who's had WAY to much sugar. It's unrealistic, and annoys me when I miss a carefully aimed sniper shot because the guy runs off... to stab me in the back two seconds later.

Multiplayer: This is Black Ops's main redeeming quality: multiplayer. With friends, it's good for people to unwind and not have to strategize every single move. You can just enjoy mindlessly killing them was stress relief. Player matches, however, are filled with hackers, cheaters, boosters, and 10 year olds swearing like a sailor in traffic. They are frustrating because of the poor spawn system (as soon as you spawn, expect to be killed by a 5 year old with a golden gun. Often, Lightweight + Marathon + SMG wins against all. Gunners and medics have no chance of winning, so they are dominated. I'm fine with camping, but there are a lot of campers, which might annoy you. The maps are also too small and almost always end up as mosh pits in the middle of them. Even in objective-based matches like CTF and Domination, everyone rushes out for kills, leaving me to take the flag by myself... and die carrying it back to base.

End notes: In addition to being bad, all of you who think Black Ops is realistic, are wrong. If you want me to specify, just say so. This ends my review of Call of Duty: Black Ops. I'll see you around.