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Title: Spore

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    Default Spore

    I'm sure alot of you have played it before, but I want to ask who has and hasn't. If you haven't, this is how it works. An alien race starts in cell form from a metiorite that landed in the sea. You go around feeding it. You can kill other creatures too. And then eventually your creature evolves and goes to creature stage. You can make peace or become enemies and totally destroy their species. Then you can get parts to help you with that. Then after you evolve another time, you go to tribe stage. You have a tribe and you can attack or make peace with other tribes. You also need food. It's like a currency. Then you go to civilization after tribal. You make cities and conquer or trade. Or you can change them to your cities with religious means... Which i find strange... THere' a town hall, a house, a factory, and entertainment, all to help you collect spice which can be used. You can buy vehicles on land or at sea. You need sporebucks though. You can get then by using your cities, and building factories and houses and entertainment to help your city collect spice. After that, you go into space stage and explore the whole galaxy. You can make friends with many races or go to war with them! One race is the hardest, called the Grox, or Groks. They are picky, so watch out what you do. In space, there is alot to explain, so ill just let you find out if you play the game. Then, Grox is a big empire that surrounds the galactic core. We have no idea why, but we thought it had to something with the galactic core. Anyways, once you reach there, you get a special reward. Im not going to tell you. You'll need to find out yourself. C:< Anyways, just tell me if you play Spore or not. And if you can show your creature. My creature is my picture.
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    Default Re: Spore

    Ohh! I love playing Spore in the Space Stage. If you haven't gotten the Galactic Adventures expansion pack, you should. It's great!
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