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    Default Sims2? Anyone?

    Anyone play Sims,Sims2,Or Sims3? Because i play it and there are sites where you can download clothes for the game.You can download for it,Cars,People,Celeberties,Worlds,Furniture, And thats all the stuff you can download for it. But we got more,You can see what websites, And They Are:
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    And How you get them is ether:
    Buy them or Download them with Dont Know Yet...

    Well thats all!
    Bye Bye!
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    Default Re: Sims2? Anyone?

    I play both...though I play Sims 3 more now than I do Sims 2.

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    Default Re: Sims2? Anyone?

    i play all of them they are so fun you can do so much stuff to your sims you and make the starve in a room or make them reach and stuff like that it is fun

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    Default Re: Sims2? Anyone?

    I have all expansions of the sims 3 but i'm playing the sims medieval right now.
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    Default Re: Sims2? Anyone?

    Oh i played the sims and sims 2!
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