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Title: Sims Anyone?

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    Default Sims Anyone?

    So my aunt got me Sims 3 for my birthday and I have to admit I was thinking "Why did you get me this? It's so stupid!" but of course I bit my tongue on that one. I started playing it and now I'm sort of addicted. I've made Sims look like famous people and stuff, too! I know the game is like $30 but if you get it on your iPod Touch or iPad it's only $2.99. I haven't tried it on the iPod/iPad yet but I've heard it's awesome.
    Anyways, does anyone else play Sims?! It doesn't have to be Sims 3 it can be any other Sim game!
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    Default Re: Sims Anyone?

    No i dont really want it xD I have played it bfore on my friends computer, but its kinda strange to me o.o Its like what you REALLY ACTUALLY do in real life... like have a family O.O
    But thats just my opinion
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    Default Re: Sims Anyone?

    Sims is weirdly addicting! I have no idea why though!! Hmm *ponders* it's just amazingly fun haha
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    Default Re: Sims Anyone?

    I love all the Sims games... except the pets one haha. [:<
    It's so weird... I can sit on it for litterally hours, and it never gets boring.

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    Default Re: Sims Anyone?

    I have Sims Medieval for the computer(Addicting..) and Sims 2 for the DS (Its hard to play on there so I don't.). I want Sims 3. D:

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    Default Re: Sims Anyone?

    I HAVE SIMS 3! And i love it

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    Default Re: Sims Anyone?

    I love to play sims 3 on my xbox (:
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    Default Re: Sims Anyone?

    Lol i used to play that game all the time. I have sims spy people or whatever.....and another sims......and one for my old gameboy i think. My friend IG is addicted to it. It's kind of funny. Normally I hate games like real life. Heck I even hate books like real life. But i guess every once in a while you can sit back and enjoy it.
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    Default Re: Sims Anyone?

    Aw man, I haven't played the Sims 3 or 2 In a while :I I should get back into it again

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    Default Re: Sims Anyone?

    I want Sims Medieval. (: Ever since I started roleplaying in Skyrim out of boredom, I've decided that a game based on that would be awesome.

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