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    Default SD's Guide to Hobgoblin Geomancer~RuneScape Guides

    Geomancer_icon.pngThe Hobgoblin Geomancer is a boss monster encountered in the Dungeoneering skill.

    Combat level Varies (32, 50, 68, 85, 103, 120, 139, 164, 206, 252, 276, 320, 340, 381, 422, 475, 529)

    100px-Big_High_War_God_shrine.pngHe appears as a boss when the player has achieved level 23 Dungeoneering, on floors 12 through 17, and later on floors 30 through 35.


    The Hobgoblin Geomancer has various kind of attacks and abilities. He uses single-targeted melee attack, multi-targeted Earth spells, Snare which can stop movement of player for 12 seconds, weaken the player's stats (maximum 5% of all combat stats), and temporarily stop the player from praying (lasts 15 seconds). He will heal himself whenever a protection prayer is used (other prayers will not heal him). The hobgoblin teleports himself around the room when his lifepoint reaches certain value. Geomancer will teleport away from player if he was adjacent with player, and vice versa, meaning if you use either Ranged or Magic (Ranged beating the damage ratio of that of Magic), the Hobgoblin Geomancer will teleport right next to you, so using a combination of Melee and Ranged with Ranged armour will prove a quick fight against him.


    If the player has a protection prayer (all other prayers will not heal him) active when he uses his prayer-disabling attack, he will heal himself slightly and will drain the player's Prayer points slightly as well. The only way to prevent this is to fight him without prayer, however with a good prayer level, praying can still help. He's weak against Stab and Ranged, but since he teleports around the room occasionally it is easier to range him. It is most effective to make and wear range armour to fight him. Additionally, he will only teleport far away from the player if the player attacks it with melee. He will teleport right next to the player and melee him/her if the player uses range. Keeping all this in mind an effective method of fighting is to utilise both range and melee while wearing the best Range Armour you can make, ranging when he teleports far from the player and switching to melee when he gets close. Utilising this method removes the need for prayer and minimise the amount of food needed. Another method to fight is to purely range the boss and try to run away when the Geomancer teleports near the player, such that he will be forced to use magic. This way, ranged armour will provide the best attack and defence bonus.
    Running before he teleports does not always work but running after would.

    Other drops


    • Upon release this boss was incorrectly listed as requiring level 24 dungeoneering. This was fixed in a later patch to read as level 23.
    • Many players have said that the boss song that you encounter during the Hobgoblin Geomancer sounds very similar to The Chemical Brothers - "Do It Again," however, this is incorrect.
    • When a player reaches level 23 Dungeoneering, the skill guide says 'You can now fight the Geomage Shaman.'
    • Although graphics and animations for the elemental combat spells were updated (on June 24, 2010), this boss still used the old Earth bolt animation. This has since been fixed.
    • Whilst the Geomancer utilizes magic and melee attacks, it drops range armour.
    • Geomancy (Lit:One who divines power from earth) is a method of Divination that interprets markings on the ground or the patterns formed by tossed handfuls of Soil, Rocks, or Sand.
    • On a 5:5 floor, the Hobgoblin Geomancer is the second highest level boss that can be faced in Free-to-play, at Combat level 206. It is succeeded by the Gluttonous behemoth, at level 209, and followed by Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter at level 205.
    • Recently, the boss music of this boss has been extended in length.
    • According to the scrawlings which he drops, he is a Bandosian like other hobgoblins. He refers to his dungeon as his "house"; since he lives on the abandoned floors, it's possible he moved in after Bilrach's forces left.
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