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    Default S4 League Anyone?

    Hello. S4 League is a 3rd person shoo ter game. It was originally made in Korea, but then a different publisher called 'Alaplaya' adopted it into the English/European servers.

    Anyways.. In the game, you fight with random weapons. You can use guns or swords and many random skills. Some of the guns are.. Heavy Machine Gun, Submachine Gun, Smash Rifle, Hand Gun, Revolver, Sentry Guns, Sentry Nells, Bombs, etc. Some of the swords are.. Plasma Sword, Counter Sword, Storm Bat, Spy Dagger, Sigma Blade, Katana, etc. You can also get pets like.. Space Bunny, Black Dragon, Papicat, Starfish, Penguins (Sherlock version or Christmas), Chiki Lion, etc. The pets come with Smart Packs which make them have better stats, and also weapons can have Force Packs which give them better stats, too. Some of the skills are SP Mastery, HP Mastery, Metallic, Bind, Flying, Anchorage, Invisible, etc.

    They have cool clothes.

    During the summer, they have a summer event for pretty awesome clothes. They wear bikinis for the girls and no shirts and swim trunks for the guys. Of course, it's a bit pricey but they will become permanent items.

    Anyways, I forgot to mention.. the modes. There is..
    Touchdown (TD)
    Battle Royal (BR)
    Deathmatch (DM)
    (That's all I remember)

    In Touchdown, you have to get the ball and score a touchdown..

    Battle Royal is everyone vs everyone.

    In Deathmatch, you and your team must get more kills than the other team.

    Siege is where you need to capture flags and also kill.

    Captain is where you start out with 5 points, and want to kill the other captains and stay alive as long as possible.

    Arcade is where you play 8 different stages with a team of 4 (including yourself). You must kill all the infected robots, humans, and the viruses (Not literally real computer viruses).

    Chaser is where you must run away from the Chaser, or when you are the Chaser, you must dominate everyone in your way.. or you can just be nice and allow free kills!

    Practice is where you just kill Sentry Guns.

    They also have cool tournaments where you can win some PEN or AP.

    AP is used to buy capsules and most of the cooler-looking clothes. You can only get AP when you buy it with real money. (Like SC)

    You can earn PEN through every game you play. The PEN items are OK. They aren't as cool as the AP items, but new players don't need to buy AP right now.

    There are a couple of levels.

    Also note!! If you do not like to fight, you can make a game where you just chillax and also you can make Jump Rooms.

    ALSO PLEASE NOTE: This game is international. So anyone from anywhere in the world can play this game. So people will be from the United States, Canada, Egypt, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, China, Turkey, Syria, India, etc.

    So feel free to send me or my cousin a message on S4 League or add us!!

    IGN- ArcadeKing (me)
    IGN- Digletto (my cousin)
    S4 names ^

    Additional Details:

    Pros: +Good Tutorial, +Balanced Gameplay, +Good Music, +Varied Weapons, +Large Player Base, +Stylish Graphics, +Good Variety of Clothes and Skills

    Cons: -Very Few Playable Maps, -Few Game Modes, -Latency Issues (Servers are in Europe)

    Publisher: Ala Playa
    Playerbase: High
    Graphics: High Quality
    Type: MMO
    EXP Rate: Medium
    PVP: N/A
    Filesize: 303MB

    Hope to see you there,

    Random S4 League Nublets

    (NOTE: Sadly.. my friends list is full.. lol.. anyways.. if you wanna add me, then just leave your username down below)
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    I play S4 League for life!!

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