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    Default RuneScape Boss Guide: Har'Lakk the Riftplitter; Dungeoneering Boss, Furnished Floor Boss 1

    Hey guys, S.D here with MOAR EPICNESS! Not rly, I have a guide for RuneScape's Dunging boss: Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter.

    Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter's info

    Combat level: 84, 117, 162, 205, 243, 283, 321, 358, 397, 433, 472, 508
    Health: 8,000+ (From level 117)
    Slayer Level: Not assigned (Boss)
    Members: No
    Poisonous?: YES
    Immune to Poison?: YES
    Attack Style: Melee and Magic
    Attack Speed: Unknown (Typically unknown in gameplay)
    Always Drops: Rapiers from Novite-Primal (Zephyrium+ P2P only)
    Examine Text: A magical and powerful demon.

    Summary of the attacks

    Har'Lakk summons a miasma portal.
    Added by Fswe1

    • Melee attack - The demon claws the player, which is single targeted.
    • Magic attack - Targets single person, in which grey sludge is shot out from it. Will drain prayer point if protection prayer is on for the victim.
    • Portal attack - Har'Lakk calls forth different kinds of portal to deal area damage. It must be avoided by running away from the portals. All portals disappear after a period of time.
      • Miasma - Noted by the demon mentioning "Taste miasma!" and summoning purple portal. In members worlds it deals incremental poison damage over time. In free worlds it will deal incremental damage to players in it over time. This poison will be automatically cured once you've killed him. This poison effect can stack, unlike other poisons.
      • Flame - Noted by the demon mentioning "A flame portal will flush you out!" and summoning red portal. It will deal incremental damage to players in it over time.
      • Downsize - Noted by the demon mentioning "It will cut you down in size!" and summoning grey portal. It will reduce all combat stats of players in it over time.
    • Prayer disabling attack Har'Lakk's prayer disabling attack. Once striken, the player(s) will get the message: "You've been injured and can't use protection prayers!"
      Added by S3lvah

      - The demon swoops its arms together in a wide arc, disabling any protection prayers and inflicting two heavy damage splats to everyone around it (in melee range) and under it. This attack has been noted as similar to one of Bal'lak the Pummeler's attacks and is perhaps Har'Lakk's most dangerous one: at level 472, the splashes hit up to 550 damage each, knocking out many high level players from full health (800+ LP). It seems to resort to only doing this attack if it is jammed in a corner, unable to exit the player's/players' occupied square.
    Fighting the Riftsplitter

    His main attack is targeted at one person and drains prayer rapidly, but his special attack has three different types (Poison, Damage over Time, Stats Drain). Note that he also has an attack that disables any active prayers (i.e. "you have been injured and cannot use protection prayers!"). This can be very annoying and quite dangerous. In free play the special attacks are changed to two Damage-over-time and one Stat Drain.
    "Warning:" If a player runs away from flame rain and reenters, the damage compounds according to the actual time, not time of damage to player. A player running away from rain but accidentally reentering at the end of rain can be dealt over 400 damage per game tick (0.6 seconds)!
    It is highly recommended to bring Antipoison potions, Cure potions or runes for Cure Me (members only, requiring 71 Magic and completion of Lunar Diplomacy) against the poison and some Stat restore potions against the stat drain. Be aware that while casting Cure Me, you will be immobilised briefly as the spell takes effect, and you will take damage from any portals cast on you during this time. Also, make sure to bring enough food.
    Free players are recommended to bring large supply of food for all players, and have good magic defense for ranging or magic, or full armour with stab weapon for tanker. Please notice the boss uses magic attack very often and soloers can have prayer drained rapidly. Similar to members, running across the boss can give time healing the players. Props can be used to reduce portal attack area. Protect from magic will have shorter effect for players but is useful. Team players should not stay too close to each other, and should run across Har'Lakk as it targets the player, time will be given for other players to sneak up on it. In all cases the miasma portal is very dangerous, unless the magic level is considerably high, using magic will risk in drained stat and disabling high-class spell. Rapid restore is recommended for maging, and at least 4 prayer points are recommended in the case.
    It is important to note that when he summons a portal, the negative effect of the portal will increase quickly if you do not escape quickly. The fire portal will increase its direct damage over time, the miasmic one will poison you more severely and the stat drain one will drain your stats more rapidly if you don't quickly move.
    Stab attacks work pretty well on him. Magic can do significant damage with blast or better spells. Ranging using the best longbow you can wield and the best arrows you can get work well. Be sure to bring lots of food and try not to stay in one place for an extended period of time. When the boss attacks you, try to run through him so he cannot attack you. Repeat this until he switches targets, but be careful not to run into any of the coloured rains.
    One way that seems to drop the number of "rain" casts on you is ranging the demon between the stacks of props, which means that you should stand between the corners, against the wall.
    Note that he will only drain prayer if you use Protection Prayers (or Deflect Curses) against him. Using piety or any other boost prayers will not result in prayer drain.
    The best way to defeat it is by activating the Protection Prayer against Magic. The demon will use its 'grey sludge' attack which will only drain your prayer slowly, but cause you no harm (as it is a Magical attack). This can be used to deal great damage until you have run out of prayer. He will use no other attacks until your prayer points are on zero, thus making it possible for a player with a very high prayer level, perhaps some means of prayer restoration, and a good stab weapon, such as a spear, to kill Har'lakk before he even started to normally attack the player. Be aware, however, as he might use a portal between the 'sludges', that can deal great damage if you're not paying attention. It's handy to have a familiar out, it cannot be harmed by the portal (nor can Har'Lakk, by the way). The demon will still continue to use his special attacks, but you can simply avoid the damage by stepping away from the rain and cure yourself if you are poisoned, for example. Stabbing it with a melee weapon has been proven to be effective, crush is semi-efficient. Using Ranged or Magic from a distance is a dangerous tactic, as the demon will only use its special attacks which deals very high damage to the player(s), even though Fire spells are very effective to be used against him.

    Well that's the guide. Hope it helps you RS players.

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    Default Re: RuneScape Boss Guide: Har'Lakk the Riftplitter; Dungeoneering Boss, Furnished Floor Boss 1

    Runescape i had been playing for years and this realy helps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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