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Title: Roblox! :D

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    Icon11 Roblox! :D

    Ello everyone! I know I've already posted something about Roblox but I thought I could refresh a little bit, plus I found a pretty informational gameplay video that I thought could help before having to go make an account and stuff like that. :3 This video isn't made by me because I do not have a man voice. o.o Anyway, if you decide to join, you can add me @Awesomgirl2800. (I hate how I spelled Awesome wrong but I have invested like $200 in this character already.)

    Alright, here is the video, it's sort of long but it covers pretty much all of what I think about it because I was too lazy to make a gameplay video myself. I have a couple Roblox videos on my youtube channel: Multi1234ification. I'm going to stop rambling now and post the video.

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    Default Re: Roblox! :D

    I plaayyy. Not much though.

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