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Title: Resistance 3

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    Default Resistance 3

    Alright, time for some awesomesauce. Has anyone heard of Resistance 3 from Insomniac? I have seen Gameplay of Resistance 3 AND some screenshots of it, and I say. Resistance 3 is going to be a massive load of awesome. Unlike Resistance 2 (Which I have.), R3 focuses on finding a vaccine in a post-apocalyptic world to save the rest of the humans from the Chimeran Virus. My overview on IGN has stated that R3 will have significant changes to the A.I of Survivors AND the Chimera, which means a more realistic view of the world around you, and more variety to Enemies' behavoir. The weapons look great, and the enemies have been completely revamped, lookming more threatening, and more realistic than their FoM and R2 Counterparts. Here's my review on IGN:

    "Resistance 3 looks better than R2, and it may even be tight! Resistance 3 looks even more realistic than R2, another smash hit by Insomniac Games Inc. Single Player Campaign Missions look great, the A.I. of Survivors and the Chimera make them more tactical, and as well as providing an unwelcoming surprise, with the included fact of their movements looking just downright awesome. Both Gameplay videos I have seen make the game fast-paced, and even challenging at some points. Multiplayer is much the same as R2, with new Beserks that function much like they would in CoD: MW2. Also, Leveling up, levels up itself with Skill Points that you can allocate to upgrade your weapons or yourself. The choices depend on you. However, my only problem is that Insomniac has removed the Co-Op Campaign from R2, which range up much speculation and controversy. But, how the game looks makes it hard for me to argue with the Co-Op Campaign. But, Single Player does have Co-Op Function. Again, this game is downright awesome and I can't wait for it's release in September 11th this year."

    Bonus Media Leak:
    Well, that's my review. And I pre-rated the game a 10/10 on IGN as well.

    Picture of R3 Bullseye: Evo_Bullseye_03.jpg
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