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    Default Pixel Island Mini Games

    Howdy everyone! I have been working on a game called "Pixel Island Mini Games" for I believe at least three years now and I really wanted to show it to you all. The reason it is taking me so long to make this game is because I taught myself how to make it, using tutorials as little as possible. I even made all the sprites, backgrounds, blocks, EVERYTHING! I wanted to do that to make my game even more unique and special. The only thing I didn't make was the music. (In case your wondering, the music is in the public domain)

    My game still isn't finished, but it has come along way since I first started. If you have ever tried to make a game yourself, I'm quite sure you've noticed its pretty difficult to make, and even harder to remove all of the bugs and glitches. That is another reason it has taken me so long, and I have spent a lot of time removing any problem I could find in my game, so if you do find any bugs I'd actually be surprised.

    If you're wondering what the purpose is for my game, I'll tell you: there really is no purpose, its just a little game I had fun making and I hope you have fun playing.

    Here is the link to "Pixel Island Mini Games:"

    Please let me know what you think!

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    Default Re: Pixel Island Mini Games

    I'll try it, and see if I can spot bugs and stuff.

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