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    Default Mineeecraaaffttt!

    Hey guyz!! ^^

    I just recently bought the game Minecraft. Does anybody else play it?
    I have already started(and almost finished) a house. Inspiration = YouTube. ^^

    I thought we should create a server for FR/ Minecraft players. That'd be fun!! (:

    Lemme know what you think...

    all smiles. (:

    Free Realms Player 2009-2014 ~ FR Youtuber since Oct. 2012
    The FR community was always the best one <3

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    Default Re: Mineeecraaaffttt!

    I play Minecraft! I am usually on a select few servers, although tomorrow night I'm getting together with some friends and going on Skype to play the Minecraft Hunger Games. :3

    I know how to install custom maps and texture packs but not mods because I'm an idiot.

    ANYWAY, The FR server sounds really cool! But I'm hopeless at trying to set up a server.

    IGN: Surrah
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    Default Re: Mineeecraaaffttt!

    Thats awesome! to bad i don't have a real account on there.....

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    Default Re: Mineeecraaaffttt!

    IGN: Michael Fluffytrident
    Server: All
    "If the violence doesn't work......Hit Harder "

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    Default Re: Mineeecraaaffttt!

    I got a server
    He he -killed chatty- O_o

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    Default Re: Mineeecraaaffttt!

    That's a great idea Keeping a server open would be a pain though. Right now their service for hosting servers isn't that great in my opinion. They're a pain to start and are only running when the owner of the server has their computer on.

    When people make servers, they have to port forward which somewhat creates holes in their firewall. If you can tell, this is bad. xD

    A lot of the people who run large servers have a router specifically for Minecraft and run their servers 24/7. I would love to host one for everyone, but my parents wouldn't appreciate me going into our router again xD. It was dangerous to have a server when I did and that's why I don't have one anymore.

    Wonderful idea though .

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    Default Re: Mineeecraaaffttt!

    That's a good Idea but I agree with Zale!
    IGN: Tori Mistskater (Known As Emmmy, Blushing Cupcake, or Kylâ)
    Levi Lifesabor&Toxic Jac are real hobos!♥

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