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    Default List of Virtual worlds ::Pictures and descriptions::



    Ourworld is a multiplayer online game where players create an avatar and enter a virtual world in the sky. Players select from dozens of well-known and original games and play to earn money for clothing, furniture, pets and much more. Surrounding this is a rich virtual world with dance clubs, coffee shops, beaches, and shopping venues. Players have their own apartments and quests to perform as they rise through the ranks of the role playing experience that glues it all together. Explore the world or hang out with friends in your own condo. Get a unique look, meet cool new people, play games and earn coins plus so much more!



    WeeWorld is a social game for teens. Users sign up for a free account and design a WeeMee, which is an animated avatar. WeeWorld runs a range of social games and applications on mobile and Facebook. More than 45 million WeeMees have been created worldwide. While on the site, users can communicate in real time via their WeeMees, explore the virtual community, play games, create virtual rooms, purchase clothing and accessories for their WeeMee, create blogs, watch videos, take surveys, and earn or buy points. Gold points and green points are considered WeeWorld’s form of currency. The site offers ways for users to earn points. , and more. 

WeeWorld continues to expand through its virtual games, mobile apps, purchase of virtual goods, and partnerships with popular companies, brands, and celebrities.



    Stardoll is a free-to-play browser game that mixes elements of social networking, fashion and entertainment. You have the exciting chance to dress like celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Heidi Montag, Anna Wintour and Kim Kardashian. Copy the styles of famous actresses, singers, models, athletes, royalty, and other role models. Not only can you imitate your favorite idols, but you can also dress in clothing hot off the runway. Experience the Elle Spring collection, the MKA Spring/Summer collection and the Vivienne Tam Fall collection.

    :more websites added soon:
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    Default Re: List of Virtual worlds ::Pictures and descriptions::

    Ourworld ♥ Amazing game.
    If anybody else plays or decides to give it a go: ADD ME! - Mrs Vanity

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