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    Default Jetpack Joyride

    Has anyone ever played this game? If not, I'll explain what it is. A man with a terrible job named Barry Steakfries wants to escape his boring life. He finds a secret facility with a jetpack inside. He finds it and uses it to cause as much chaos as possible. In this game, you fly around as Barry and collect coins, spin tokens, and dodge lasers and missiles. You complete missions, which you use to level up and earn more coins. You can use the coins to purchase gadgets, which make gameplay easier, clothing to customize Barry, powerups, which each have their own special effect, different jetpacks, and vehicle upgrades. Vehicles are, well, vehicles that you can earn by touching a rainbow vehicle box. There's 6 vehicles: The Bad As Hog, Crazy Freaking Teleporter, Gravity Suit, Lil Stomper, Mr. Cuddles, and Profit Bird.

    My explanation was mostly about the stash, but ya. This game is pretty boss. I have gameplay footage if anybody who hasn't played it yet wants to see what the game actually looks like.

    But if you have played it, discuss the game, what you like about it, and other stuffs.

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    Default Re: Jetpack Joyride

    I have this game


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